Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Bowling Party Janet"

Hello again everyone! Yes, we meet again! It's been a while since I posted, yes a long while but I think I will be here for a while so, no worries. Let's hope that I stay...

Anyway, after this mess of a life decided to continue,  I finally found some time to sit down and post. This whole last summer has been crazy hectic. I got so many dolls too so it makes it hard to sit and find time to post when they all want a chance at being 'stars.' But since I just picked up and found  "Bowling Party Janet," I found some inspiration again. Are you ready for a post? I sure am, and it's only my second post... Crazy, I have some catching up to do. That shouldn't be hard considering all of the dolls I have. Alright,  let's go!

I just dressed Janet in some random clothes I had because she was nude. The clothes she is wearing is actually an Only Hearts Doll dress. She is super adorable I think. I love her hair, that's my favourite part! 

Janet's smile is genuine. Such a light!

On her hand which we all know, is the magnet for the bowling ball to be attached. Her hand only swings so far so the bowling ball can roll as the button on her back is pressed I am only guessing. Not sure though because I am having some issues with that supposed feature. :/

I tried pressing the button on her back there but it is like hard and stuck. I am wondering if anybody knows if the bowling ball is supposed to be attached to her palm before the button can compose movement. If you know, please comment! 

Also, I found it a bit odd that the body mold only states, 'China' instead of 'Mattel' and a year. I don't know. I've only been collecting for about a year now but that is questioning to me as well.

Again, I love Janet's locks of gorgeous hair! That is something to note on because not many dolls are made with that type of fibrous material anymore. :( They are all with the simple straight hair regardless of skin colour.
Wow, wouldn't you love to have the complete set? The bowling lane looks actually pretty fun. I love how there are bowling pins and she is wearing a pair of bowling shoes too! Such a cute doll I have to admit. Such a steal and I am happy that she is now apart of my collection. :)

Well, as I have finished another long post, I will see who I should blog about next. I will do better at posting though as I just started again and have so many thoughts bubbling up  in my brain. 

Have a great day everyone! See you in my next post!