Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Victorian Elegance Barbie"

I told you I was going to post again regardless of my pain, so here is the next post. I also said I was going to do another holiday doll post. I have this beautiful doll I actually picked up yesterday (November Eighteenth) at the local thrift shop for twenty-five dollars! Remarkable finds I have been having so far this holiday season. This is just wonderful. :)
Here is what the top and the bottom of the package looks like. These colours are not my favourite combination but those are some Victorian colours for you! The green looks just like wallpaper you would see in those old houses too.
The front of the box which then opens as a door to reveal the doll shows this beautiful winter Barbie doll with brunette hair. The front also has a gold border around the edge of the package but it's hard to see it.
Here is this precious Barbie doll! Isn't she gorgeous? Oh my goodness. Where do I begin? The fur, the gold buttons running down the bodice of her chest, her incredible smile; it's just all too wonderful! Barbie is so ready for those cold flakes of the winter wonderland. She must be extremely cozy.

So, I wanted to briefly discuss the hair colour here. This is not Teresa. The Teresa doll does have brunette hair but in this case, it is Barbie with that shade. You can tell immediately by the face mold. This doll is sporting the Barbie doll face mold of that time as you can compare to other Barbie dolls from that time period. This is not a very good explanation but I am trying to define the fact that it's not of the hair colour, but the face mold that does initiate who the doll truly is.

More of the fine detail of the beautiful velvet dress is what I have posted above. Just look at how elegant that is. No wonder they titled this Barbie doll, 'Victorian Elegance.' Also, the front of the package shows the doll in more of a lighter looking ensemble. Inside the box it's dark. My camera didn't do anything to change it. I looked up on Google Images pictures of this doll and someone had a picture of her but outside her box. With that person's photograph, the doll's dress looked a tad bit brighter. 

This doll comes with two small pictures and a pair of ice skates. 
'"'Victorian Elegance Barbie is the first in a series of Special Edition Barbie dolls created exclusively for Hallmark Cards, Inc. The exquisite Victorian look of this collectible Barbie was inspired by an antique greeting card, first published in London in the [nineteenth] century. Two miniature reproductions of Victorian era cards from the Hallmark Design Collections are included with Victorian Elegance Barbie.

Victorian Elegance Barbie is dressed in a lovely skating costume, with a coordinating muff and hat. She is the picture of a charming Victorian beauty as she skates happily out on the pond with her friends.'" 

There is the notable description written on the inside part of the opening door for you to read. The picture is just as lovely as the doll with detail and a story of Victorian elegance!  I think this doll is just fabulous and I am real glad I could share her on my blog! 

Thank you for enjoying my blog and posts. I will try for another post as soon as possible. :)   

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2013 Holiday Barbie

Hello Everyone. I'm back. For a little while at least. I have been going through a lot right now. Sorry for not posting. Life has gotten too stressful for me. But let us not make this post about sorrow, for I have one beautiful doll to show you! So, let us get this show on the road.

This is the 2013 Holiday Barbie doll. I think she is one of the prettiest, most beautiful holiday Barbie dolls yet. What do you think? 

I picked this doll up at the thrift store for two dollars I think. She was a keeper the moment I picked her up. Her hair needs some tending to as it is all over the place and her dress is wrinkled but I just needed to post about her, especially since the holiday season is vastly approaching. Her dress is so beautiful with that silvery material. The lace snowflakes fit in just so perfectly and so does the tulle around her waist. What a lovely winter gown! 

She needs a little maintenance besides just her hair and making her dress more straighter. This 'snow queen' is missing her shoes and maybe some other things. But, regardless of all that stuff, she is fabulous! 

This is definitely one doll I am very thankful for! She really brings some cheer with her elegant look. Her smile too is beautiful. :)

I know I only posted two pictures of her but with a lot going on with me lately, I just snapped two photographs really quickly. It's been getting pretty exhausting for me just to take a couple pictures in fact. So far, people have been constantly controlling me and with my health on the risky side currently, I'm not in the best shape for anything really anymore. The only thing that is truly keeping me alive is God and my precious dolls. Not one of them has a frown on their faces. That just makes me so stunned. Because of my health and other reasons, I am not posting as much as I thought I would be able to. It makes me angry actually because with blogging the only way to transfer my thoughts and connecting to people who actually understand my 'doll logic,' it just makes me so tired as well. Well, enough of that rant but at least you all know what is going on and keeping me from posting.
That is the African American version which I have as seen above, in her full package. The package itself is lovely too with the reindeer and snow flakes in the background. I am amazed of this doll. She is magnificent! 

As for now, I will be leaving this post with a hopeful and positive note. I have more holiday Barbie dolls to be shown and I know I'm going to force my pain-staked body to post them for you all. Thank you all for sticking around and being there for me. Also, I'm not asking for any sympathy. I just wanted to share with my followers why I haven't been blogging at all. :)

I almost forgot about this fun little detail on the doll's hands! She has her nails painted! So much fun.