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My name is Kaitlyn Gertrude. I have been collecting Barbie dolls for about a year now as my love for the dolls has made me more inspired than ever! Since I have fallen in love with collecting Barbie dolls, I have come to know that the Barbie world, is a totally different world of it's own! As I sit and obsess over my dolls, I get angry at myself. 'Why did I stop playing with these dolls and why did I get rid of them?' I ask myself over and over again. I missed out on so much! Just pitiful. The third question I often ask myself is, 'Why did I get rid of my Todd doll?' At the time, I didn't realize that his name was Todd and I didn't know he was Barbie's only brother. I only knew that I was growing up and in my teenage years I started to have no time for the precious dolls I did once own. 

The Todd doll wasn't my only doll but it is one I look back on now and realize that he is worth  a lot because he is a retired doll. 

Anyway, I am starting up my collection slowly over time.  I not only collect the dolls, I collect other trinkets and accessories for rooms and such with the Barbie logo on them. It is a fun adventure for me but also a very stressful one when I cannot figure out who the dolls are. Perhaps you would like to help me because I would certainly appreciate it! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this long introduction about myself! You will get to find out more and more about me through reading the blog posts. So again, I thank you and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 

Special Thanks: I wanted to thank three people for their wonderful inspiration. First off, Rachel with her fascinating YouTube channel, "Rockin' Barbie."  Thank you for making those great videos and for first inspiring me to start collecting Barbie. Second, Teresa. Thank you for your blog and for helping those with finding the identity of their dolls! It is so fabulous to have someone like you around! :) Third and last, but definitely not least, Vanessa. Thank you for taking the time to create your amazing photo stories! You have given me the inspiration and  have equipped me to begin to know what to do with my dolls. Again, thank you all! I cannot thank you enough. :)

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All Photographs are Copyrighted under ©K.G. and a date. In other words, by me, Kaitlyn Gertrude. Any use of these photographs in any manner are strictly prohibited. If you would in any form be of interest in using a photograph, please contact me. If granted permissions, you may use the photograph(s) as said to do so. Any disregard or unfair act may result in a punishable movement. Note: If granted permissions to use a photograph, you must display a link source of my blog with or near the photograph.

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