Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Fashionistas Nikki"

I absolutely love the Nikki doll by Mattel! I have two other Nikki dolls as well, but I just picked this one up today at Goodwill  so I thought I might as well share her. Surprisingly, there were two other Nikki dolls exactly the same in their packages too but I carefully picked the one I wanted. One box was totally damaged on the top but was worse than mine and the other doll's purse was missing from the other box. I think I got the best of the three! Yay. Exciting.

For some reason though, I feel like this Nikki's face looks way different from the other Nikki dolls ever made. Not just her make up, but maybe her head mold. Maybe I'm just seeing things though. Crazy me! Oh well, she is one of a kind and I will always adore the Nikki doll! She is just genuinely fashionable as she is a Fashion Blogger ( Her personality seems like a kind-hearted person who would take the time to listen and stick up for people.
Anyway, for five dollars, this doll was a must buy! So, I am happy to have purchased her today and add her to my collection. :)
To the doll though, her dress speaks 'spring' to me. I am pretty sure I have another purse like the one she has with her in her package. Overall, since Nikki is one of my favourite dolls, I give her a positive rating. She is just very stunning!