Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Pretty Changes Barbie"

I think that out of all of my blonde haired beauties, this is by far my favourite! 
She is the 1979 "Pretty Changes" Barbie. The fun thing about this doll is that her hair was what made her 'pretty changeable!' My Mum's friend picked her up for me at a garage sale. He said she must be a vintage doll because of the 1966 year stamp on her back. I was just like... She is adorable, but she is not a that old! 
I got to be honest, I love this hairstyle she has presented! I thought it was the Bubble Cut but as I found out who she really was, in a book that I checkout at the local library, it turns out that her hairstyle is 'tightly curled.' She also came with two other hairstyles that I am guessing can clip into her hair; straight hair and full hairstyle with loose curls. All so cute but not as cute as this hairstyle! 

When I got this doll from my Mum's friend, she didn't come with a box. Just how she is pictured. So, no earrings, no ring in her hand, just some matted down hair that I still so dearly love. 
Also, she came wearing the blue dress. My mum and her friend said that it looked like an original, but I could tell with the sequin and the bottom embellishment, that the dress was very beautifully handmade. So pretty! But, the "Pretty Changes" Barbie originally wears a "satiny yellow jumpsuit with a sheer white and yellow overskirt, matching floppy hat, and scarf with flower. Also included, she wears a yellow and white long sleeved overblouse, white picture hat, and brunette fall, and long blonde fall." (The words in quotes are taken from the book. I still have to write out the citation.)
This doll was a Store Promotional Doll which means she came with something free. Her free item was "Barbie Play Perfume. A little 1.2 fluid ounce pink and white bottle of Barbie Play Perfume, was packaged in a small box and taped to the side of the doll's box."

That is the back side of the dress and you can tell that it was beautifully crafted. 

Overall, despite her flaws such as her fading lips or the flat hair, I love this doll! I am happy she is among my other dolls I so greatly care for in my collection. :)

 Original packaging of the "Pretty Changes"  Barbie courtesy of

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